Donation Drives

Hosting a donation drive can a be a fun way to work together as a church, business, team or small group to help children and families in need. Embrace only collects specific items, so make sure to check with our staff and read the following tips BEFORE hosting a donation drive.


Q: Does Embrace accept gently used toys, children’s clothing items, baby equipment or furniture?

A: These items can be very helpful to the families we serve. Instead of warehousing items (and becoming a middle man), we’ve created a platform on social media to connect you (the donor) directly with those in need of what you’re offering. You can post any items you wish to offer for FREE to foster/adoptive/kinship families and foster alumni on The Loop Facebook page. Look here for more about The Loop.

Q: Do items collected for donation drives need to be NEW?

A: Yes. Items should be new, in their original packaging, and unwrapped.

Q: (When hosting a drive) should we focus on quantity or quality?

A: The items you collect for an Embrace donation drive are meeting real needs in our community. In many cases, the person who receives these towels, bottles, dishes or coats may not have the means to immediately replace them if/when they wear out. We ask that you invest in quality products that will stand the test of time.

Q: Can we host an “angel tree” at Christmas?

A: Yes. We can format any of our drives as an “angel tree”. But we distribute items year-round, so there’s no need to wait until Christmas to help out! We can also set up an Amazon wish list you may distribute for participants to select items from and have shipped directly to Embrace.

Q: Can people give money instead of items during a donation drive?

A: Yes. Cash, checks and online donations can be made towards a specific program or drive. If you’re planning on using an independent online platform to gather donations (such as GoFundMe) please get Embrace’s approval in advance. If you would like to host a fundraiser or beneficiary event for Embrace, please contact Amber Fulton

Donation Drive Tips: 

  • Decorate a large box as a collection site and place it in a secure, high traffic area of your building.
  • Promote the drive with posters, social media, emails and text messages. People are more likely to participate if you ask them directly and remind them about the drive a few different ways/times.
  • Encourage financial donations as an option for those who may not have time to shop, but still want to help.
  • If you’re hosting a drive at work or a school, offer fun incentives for participation such a “jeans day” for every item brought.
  • Form teams to create competition between departments or classes. Consider an incentive for the winning team. Use a thermometer or bar graph to display progress.
  • Set goals for anticipated donations (For example: 100 boxes of diapers, a full “First Apartment Kit” for a boy and a girl)
  • Schedule a day for part of your team to deliver, inventory and sort the items you collected. Take group pictures and share with all participants along with a note of thanks.