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Statewide statistics may seem grim and overwhelming at times but, when we zoom in on our little community, we can see the incredible impact possible when we rise up to serve our most vulnerable neighbors.

Let’s reflect, celebrate, and praise God for all the goodness in 2021 … then roll up our sleeves and get back to work. Changing the world, one child at a time.

"First Apartment Kits" distributed to 41 former foster youth

First Apartment Kits include new, household items for bed, bath, and kitchen (often donated through donation drives). Teens leaving foster care visit Embrace to “shop” for items for their first apartment or dorm.

91 children featured in Embrace adoptive family recruitment efforts

These children, lingering in foster care, are matched with their forever, adoptive families through Embrace’s adoption match efforts and Child to Family Connection events.

$146,000 raised for downpayment and launch of Embrace "Collin House" property

In April 2022 Embrace will open the doors of this beautiful home in McKinney to care for foster children without placement. Thank you to all who contributed to these efforts!

Volunteers donated over 2,969 hours to Embrace in 2021

Volunteers are truly the “hands and feet”, responsible for carrying out the incredible work of the ministry. We could not do it without you!

Support groups provided to 47 unique households (over 400 hours of training!)

Support services help keep foster and adoptive families healthy and strong so they can better serve children in their care.

521 children served at Embrace events

Our accessible family outings allowed these children to enjoy baseball games, pool days, campouts, and many other happy, typical childhood experiences they might otherwise miss out on.

Life-skills and enrichment classes provided for 11 teens in foster care

Teens ages 13-19 learned through engaging, hands-on classes including: budgeting, college application process, positive self-image, meal preparation and much more!

249 home-cooked meals delivered to foster children without placement

Volunteers from across DFW lovingly prepared hot, healthy meals and delivered them to children waiting to be placed in a foster home, and the caseworkers caring for them.

108 local families started their foster care or adoption journey with Embrace

Would you consider giving your family to a child in need of a safe place to stay? Contact us to learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

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