Changemakers are monthly donors who help provide life-changing programs and services to neglected and abused children in North Texas. The investment you’re making in little lives today will affect generations to come. Thanks to Changemakers like you, we can say YES to the next child, youth, or family in need.

Your tax-deductible donation of $19 per month sends a foster child on an accessible outing to bring joy and normalcy to their life. Your donation of $39 per month provides an evening of respite care or parent support group meetings to a local foster or adoptive family. For 14 years Embrace has faithfully stewarded gifts from our partners to maximize impact in the community.

A story of life change

Karmyn* spent her high school years bouncing between foster families, relatives, and shelters. Karmyn connected with Embrace at 18 for guidance on housing options, but left the residential program she enrolled in when she became pregnant. She moved in with her sister at age 19, just before giving birth to a daughter. When the baby was just days old, Karmyn found herself struggling. While her transient, disjointed past left her without the support of a healthy family or community, she was able to connect back with Embrace.

Embrace provided “First Apartment Kit” supplies to help outfit Karmyn’s home. Through the Facebook group “The Loop:By Embrace” deliveries of diapers and baby equipment arrived from other members of the community. Embrace volunteers transported Karmyn to work and to pick up groceries. With some guidance, she was able to start a new job, get a photo ID, and find a daycare for her daughter. She’s currently working on her GED. Karmyn is a loving mom, eager to create a happy, healthy home for herself and her daughter. With the support of Embrace, she is well on her way.

*name changed to preserve client privacy