Here at Embrace we are all about the power and importance of staying connected as a community.

     One absolutely integral, but also very ‘behind the scenes’ element of the foster and adoptive community are CPS caseworkers. Caseworkers are on the front lines of protecting, defending and advocating for not only children, but families in our community. They insert themselves into difficult and heartbreaking circumstances on a daily basis for the sake and flourishing of others. We are so grateful for the work they are doing.

     In light of how the coronavirus has affected our world, the average caseworker is feeling even more isolated and discouraged than ever. While we are limited in how we can thank them, one simple but powerful way we can support caseworkers is through encouragement. We would love for you to join us in spurring on these extremely important workers and write a note of appreciation and/or encouragement to a caseworker and help us to flood them with love and support from our community.

Here are some helpful guidelines:

– please write a physical, handwritten card and place card in an unsealed envelope and place letter(s) in a baggie labeled “Embrace”

– please write at least a half page, but no more than a full page per letter

– feel free to use stickers, etc. but use discretion so that the envelope is not too heavy

– Embrace will address and mail all letters. Please leave the envelope blank.

– do not include any gifts in the envelope, as caseworkers are unable to accept gifts

Delivery Instructions:

– Deadline for delivery to Embrace is by 12pm Monday, August 31st

– Please place all unsealed envelopes in a gallon bag or manilla envelope labeled with “EMBRACE”

– Letters may be mailed to the Embrace Office at: Embrace, 114 1/2, Suite 202, McKinney TX 75069

– If you wish to deliver in person, please know we are staggering staff. Please call ahead to set up a time or confirm staff is in office, 469-617-3174). If we are not here, letters can be put through the mail slot in the door.

Have any more questions? Please email