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Embrace helps teens “aging-out” of foster care successfully transition to independent, adult life. From graduation celebration to setting up a first apartment or dorm, we are there for foster youth every step of the way.

By anticipating a Corona-related spike in child abuse and neglect, we’ve deployed our program staff to employ new, innovative tactics for recruiting foster families to take in children. These efforts will help keep siblings from being separated and children from spending the night in CPS offices.

Embrace’s diligent recruitment efforts are finding adoptive families for children lingering in foster care. In 2019, an adoptive family was identified for 16-year-old Zane who, before becoming a part of Embrace’s Second Story program, spent 6 years in foster care. Miracles are happening for children and teens every day through Embrace!


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Embrace Texas is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization with the State of Texas and Internal Revenue Service since June 2010.