30% of children in foster care are separated from their siblings

70% of children in foster care are part of a sibling group

In Spring 2021, Embrace expanded our services and facility to provide an array of new programs for neglected and abused children and teens in our community. The space is comprised of two adjoining rooms, outfitted as a playroom and kitchenette. While primarily functioning as a space to reunite siblings separated in foster care for visitation, the rooms will also be utilized support groups and workshops. This sensory-friendly space provides the safety and privacy needed to nurture priceless relationships between brothers and sisters in the midst of unspeakable trauma. A place of calm and connection.

Sibling Visits

Reuniting brothers and sister separated in foster care for a time of play and reconnection.

Life Skill Classes

Preparing teens “aging-out” of foster care to transition successfully into independent, adult life.

Children's Support Groups

Counselor-led small groups normalize the foster care and adoption journey for teens and tweens.


Fun, topical workshops for children in foster, adoptive, or kinship care.

We need your help!

We need help finishing out and maintaining this room in our new office space. By giving to this campaign, you’re helping us meet these needs, as well as providing the staff and volunteer hours, leasing of the space, and other costs associated with safely providing this resource to the community. Thank you for being a part of reuniting brothers and sisters! Select items from our Amazon wishlist HERE or use the link below to GIVE!

$1,000 – Sponsor a workshop series for foster teens

$400 – Table and chair set to be in small dining area

$300 – New toys for a variety of ages or a mural for the play area

$100 – Provide a meal for a children’s program

For parents of children or teens:

Are you the parent of a child in foster, adoptive or kinship care? Embrace is here to support your family! Below are our upcoming programs for children and teens.

WISE Up! Anti-bullying workshop for teens & tweens: March 18, 2021

PALS (Preparation for Adult Living) Classes for teen leaving foster care: Summer 2021

Adoptee Support Group: Coming soon!