The Loop: By Embrace

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The Loop is a Facebook group designed to enable local churches and individuals to meet the needs of at-risk children in our community (primarily Collin County at this time). The Loop is NOT a discussion group. Foster, adoptive, and kinship care families may post requests for goods or services. Members may post items and services you wish to offer (FREE, not for sale, and not business related) and respond to the requests of others. A need is expressed. People step up to meet the need. It’s that simple!

The Loop is managed by a team of volunteer moderators who approve new members and posts. They also ensure that members and posts adhere to the rules outlined in the “files” section of the group. Several local foster parent “supply closets” are members of the group. They respond to posts if they have requested items in their inventory.

Here are a couple recent posts for example:

How you can help:

  • Join The Loop: By Embrace on Facebook and encourage other helpful folks at your church to do the same
  • Share the group with any foster or adoptive families you know and encourage them to reach out with any needs they might have
  • If you come across items or clothing in your home that could benefit a local family, consider posting them on The Loop
  • As the group grows we may need additional moderators to ensure quick responses to posts and requests
  • Host a donation drive (check with Embrace first to see what needs have been identified) of new items that can be distributed through The Loop and local supply closets

What if I live in another area? At Embrace, we want to innovate new ways to meet the needs of children and families in our community. If you live in Dallas, consider joining the Dallas Exchange. If you live outside the DFW area, we would be happy to help you replicate this idea in your community.

So, you’re saying I can totally rip off this idea and run with it in my community? Yep. No fees, membership or credit need be given. We do ask that you choose a unique name and logo, just to avoid confusion. You are welcome to copy the “rules” and other files you find on our page. Once you get things up and running, we would love to hear how you’ve tweaked and improved this program. By sharing ideas we can all do a better job of serving children and families.