How do you want to volunteer?

as an individual

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Individuals who wish to work directly with children must have an approved background check through Verified Volunteers (see link below). Volunteers are a vital part of our regularly scheduled events and programs. Most opportunities take place in Collin County and surrounding area. On occasion, there may be tasks that can be completed by volunteers in their home or with the help of their children.

Youth groups, service organizations, community groups, sports teams and businesses are welcome to volunteer with Embrace. Some tasks and projects can take place at your location, or at the Embrace Home Office in McKinney. Groups may choose to serve together at Embrace programs and events. Additionally, our Volunteer Coordinator can help design a service project to meet the needs of local children & caregivers, while taking into consideration the unique gifts and talents of your volunteer team.

The Body of Christ is uniquely designed and called to care for children in our community. Embrace was founded to help churches wrap around and support foster and adoptive families in their communities. Members of your congregation can serve at Embrace events or programs, or we can help your church develop your own ministry and programs.

Not everyone is called to open their home to care for kids, but we can all do something to improve the lives of abused, neglected and abandoned children. Let us help you find your something.

Use the form below to contact our Volunteer Coordinator. Please let us know if you represent a group or church, or wish to volunteer as an individual. Someone will get in touch with you about ways you can roll up your sleeves and get involved in our community.