Are you or your church wrestling with passages from the Bible instructing Christians to care for the fatherless and the orphan?  Are you considering starting a foster, adoption or orphan care ministry?  Is your bandwidth limited or have you started a ministry only to lose your momentum?  We can help!

If you are in Collin County, visit the Embrace Church Network page to learn how churches are partnering together to address the continuum of care for abused and neglected children.  Nearly everything you see here is made possible by churches uniting to fulfill the biblical mandates to care for these children and families!

If you are outside of Collin County, contact us so we can connect you with other advocates and ministries in your State and help you move forward!

Retention and sustainability are the foundational component of any foster care/adoption ministry. While we recruit new foster or adoptive families, we support existing families with effective resources and education because the best way to care for children is to equip and encourage their parents. Participate in our monthly small groups, parents’ night out events, and join The Loop to share your own needs and help meet the needs of others.


3rd Thursdays from 8:00 – 9:30 PM at Grub Burger Bar (on the southwest corner of Preston & Hwy. 121).  Open to kinship, foster & adoptive dads.  Discussion topics vary each month.  Training hours are provided. No children, please.  For more information, request to join the DADS Facebook group.

Coffee Shop Moms

2nd Thursdays from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at Henderson Kitchen & Tap (In front of Belk on the northwest corner of 75 & Eldorado in McKinney).  Open to foster & adoptive moms.  Discussion topics vary each month.  Training hours are provided. No children, please.  For more information, email

Respite Nights

Every quarter, we help coordinate efforts between churches to provide respite nights (parents’ night out events) for foster and adoptive families.  To find out when the next one is being scheduled, email and subscribe to receive the monthly Embrace Update.  If you are interested in organizing a Respite Night at your church, One Wild Night is a resource we created to help you plan the event!

The Loop

Need a bed, help with childcare, or something else?  Or, do you want to help meet the tangible needs of children and families involved in foster care and adoption?  Join The Loop on Facebook.  Needs are posted and generous people all across Collin County step forward.  It is literally that easy!

Over 400,000 children are in foster care in the United States and 20,000 of those children are from Texas. Embrace partners with over 30 child-placing agencies through the North Texas Recruitment Collaborative across the Dallas/Ft. Worth region. Through these partnerships we can connect local churches to agencies and help get families licensed to foster or adopt.

If your church is interested in hosting an information meeting to help your congregation learn more about foster care or adoption, we can help!  Email to schedule a date, and if your church wants to partner with others in Collin County to recruit families, visit the Embrace Church Network!

If you’re a parent interested in foster care or adoption, visit our For Parents page to find resources, child placing agencies near you, and more!

Each year hundreds of children in foster care “age out” when they turn 18 years old with no appropriate family member to care for them. While Embrace encourages foster & adoptive families to open their homes to these older youth and works with parents to meet the needs of a child who has been in foster care for some time, we understand adoption is not always an achievable solution.  Therefore, we developed a simple program to help provide foster youth with the basic household items they need to establish their first apartment or dorm.

Visit the Simplest of Gifts page to learn more.

Due to the nature and involvement of the government in foster care and adoption, we not only partner with the State in the efforts mentioned above, we work in legislative and policy reform to advocate for children’s best interests. At-risk, foster and adopted children often cross many systems including schools, health care, juvenile justice and the courts. Therefore, we are members of of the following advocacy efforts at the County and State levels:

Collin County Child Welfare Board

Texas Child Protection Roundtable

Texas Supreme Court Children’s Commission

We also bring together ministry leaders across Texas through the Texas Orphan Care Leaders to refine the Church’s response to child welfare throughout the State and present a cohesive vision when partnering with the government.  These avenues allow us to be a voice for the the Church with legislators, bureaucrats and officials impacting the lives of children and families across Texas.