Embrace Church Network

Participating churches contribute in the following ways:

  • Identify a committed Core Volunteer to participate in ECN planning and leadership
  • Provide a church staff liaison to oversee the Core Volunteer and coordinate the church’s involvement in ECN programs
  • Select from and participate in ongoing and one-time events and opportunities serving local children and families
  • Commit to a monthly or annual financial partnership with Embrace to support the work of ECN
  • Promote ECN volunteer opportunities, needs, and events to your church
  • Promote other Embrace events and fundraisers periodically to your church

Embrace directs and supports ECN in the following ways:

  • Collaborate with Partner Churches on proven programs to serve neglected & abused children
  • Host and facilitate quarterly ECN Core Volunteer training and planning meetings
  • Provide financial accountability & transparency through the Embrace Board of Directors and Staff
  • Ensure liability coverage and background clearance for all ECN volunteers and initiatives
  • Promote Church Partner events to Embrace’s family network
  • Link ECN Church Partners on the Embrace website, provide ECN Partner logo for church use

Does your church currently have a foster, adoption or orphan care ministry?

If yes, please provide the ministry name, ministry leaders, contact information and website (any and all that are applicable):

Please let us know what areas of service and programs you are most interested in:

Check as many as you like! You’ll hear more about these opportunities (and more) at ECN meetings before committing to serve.

Does your church affirm the Embrace Statement of Faith?

If you and your church are already partnering through the Embrace Church Network, you can utilize Verified Volunteers to get your background check done and begin serving!  Due to the different levels of commitment and requirements between our programs, you may need a different level of background check done.  The approximate cost for each check ranges from $20 to $60 depending on the level of check required.  Background checks are good for 1 year before renewal is necessary.

If you are serving through The Second Story on your church’s team, Child Protective Services runs your background check so we do not require an additional one.

If you are serving through any other program that involves directly spending time, click the button below to get your background check started.

A platform for churches in Collin County to collaborate
and make positive change for foster, adopted & orphaned children in our community.

The Embrace Church Network (ECN) empowers and equips churches to directly serve children and families in our community.  Partner churches link arms to provide a scope of services and voice for advocacy beyond the reach of any individual church while strengthening their individual efforts.  ECN programs, events, and partner’s initiatives are promoted through Embrace’s relationship with Child Protective Services, network of local foster/adoptive families, and child welfare organizations.

ECN Partner Churches receive support and resources from knowledgeable Embrace staff to launch and grow their ministries through the Network as we work together to reclaim the care of foster, adopted, and orphaned children and their families.