Embrace equips churches
to reclaim the care
of foster, adopted & orphaned children.

We provide direct services to children and families in Collin County, Texas
and utilized our experience locally to work with churches and organizations
across the United States to develop and sustain ministries of their own.

Our History

Embrace was founded in 2007 at a small church in suburban North Texas by Bruce and Denise Kendrick to meet the needs of foster and adopted children in their church.  As the ministry began to serve, families from across Texas utilized the ministry’s programs and responded saying they wished they had a foster/adoption ministry at their own church.  Quickly, Embrace grew from a ministry at a single church to a ministry equipping other churches to meet the needs of the children and families in their communities.

In 2010, Embrace became a non-profit organization continuing to provide direct services to children and families in Collin County and equipping churches across the United States to develop ministries of their own.  Family Support, Recruitment and Transition Services for youth aging-out of foster care were the initial focus areas of the organization.  In 2012, Embrace’s founders were honored as Child Advocates of the Year by the North American Council on Adoptable Children in Washington, DC.  The ministry continued to grow when it was asked to facilitate the DFW Alliance of Foster Care & Adoption Ministries consisting of more than 40 churches across North Texas engaged in the care of neglected and abused children.  Embrace was invited to join the Texas Child Protection Roundtable and the Texas Supreme Court Children’s Commission in 2013 as a voice for the Church to advocate for children and families.

The organization hired its first Director of Development in 2013 and hosted its annual golf Tournament, Fairways for Families.  In subsequent years, the organization has hosted Reclaim with Dr. Tony Evans from Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship as our inaugural speaker to bring the message to pastors, government officials, and community leaders, and Hats Off to Hope, an annual gala celebrating the work of leaders and families for the children in our communities.

In 2014, Embrace brought together church ministry leaders from Collin County to form a collaborative effort asking the question, “What can churches do together we cannot do separately?”  The Second Story initiative was developed from this group as an initial pilot for church collaboration with the goal of ensuring every child had a family in Collin County.  Each participating church was paired with a child waiting to be adopted in order to advocate for them and support them into a permanent, loving family.

By 2015, Embrace had grown as had the Kendrick Family.  Bruce and Denise are the proud parents of nine children and three grandchildren and set off on the Hometown Tour with their children traveling the United States to equip churches across the country to launch foster/adoption ministries while the Embrace staff and volunteers remained in North Texas to continue serving children and families.  During the tour, the Kendrick’s were honored as Angels in Adoption by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute in Washington, DC by Congressman Sam Johnson.

As the ministry has connected and organized more church ministries, the necessary bandwidth to quantifiably change the outcomes of children in Collin County has developed.  So in 2016, Embrace launched the Embrace Church Network to leverage its non-profit platform providing a framework for churches to provide more direct services to children and families.  The Family Beacon initiative was also developed to begin reaching at-risk families before foster care is necessary.  In the Fall of 2016, Embrace’s Program Coordinator, Mary Wells, and her husband, Collin, were also honored as Angels in Adoption by CCAI in the nation’s capital, and Bruce was appointed to the Collin County Child Welfare Board.

Today, Embrace continues to innovate foster care and adoption ministry efforts by incubating programs in Collin County through local churches and multiplying those efforts to other areas of Texas and the rest of the country.  The Embrace office is located on the Historic Square of McKinney, Texas, and you will find the Embrace Staff hard at work equipping churches and reclaiming the care of foster, adopted & orphaned children.