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Every day in our community, neglected and abused children enter the foster care system. If there isn’t a foster family with an opening for a child or sibling group (a common issue due to a shortage of foster families in our area), these children may spend days, weeks, or even months sheltering in extended stay hotels or CPS offices. Embrace Texas created Collin House to give children entering foster care a warm, welcoming place to stay while they wait for placement. An expansive yard, cozy bedrooms, and kid-friendly details give children the normalcy and dignity they deserve.


Children who have experienced abuse and neglect often rely on survival skills to obtain food, protect themselves, and to make their way in the world. These skills that once protected them may, in a safe and stable environment, create barriers to connection, learning, and development. Collin House promotes children’s felt-safety through:

  • 24 hour supervision/wake staff provided by Empower (as well as security staff as needed)
  • Interactions with safe, trauma-informed Embrace staff and volunteers
  • Access to healthy snacks to reassure children with food insecurity
  • Family-style menu planning, activity calendar, and daily routines
  • Privacy and personal space
  • Visits from therapy dogs and horses


Joy can be found, even in the most difficult situations. At Collin House, children have room to grieve, but also room to play. Outdoor activities, art supplies, toys, books, craft lessons, weekly enrichment outings, and holiday celebrations are tools to help children find hope and healing.


Children belong in families, not facilities. Collin House is an intentionally short-term residential program, with most guests staying less than 4 weeks. Our goal is for every child to leave Collin House better prepared to join a foster, kinship, or adoptive family. According to each child’s unique needs, they may receive haircare (haircuts, braiding, lice treatment), new clothing, educational or health evaluations, and grief counseling. Pre-placement visits with prospective foster parents can make subsequent placements less traumatic and more successful. 


Embrace volunteers and staff provide children at Collin House with a variety of enrichment and learning opportunities. Life skills, sewing, gardening, cooking, sports, board games, tutoring, Bible study, and crafts are just a few of the topics children can choose to participate in. Activities are optional, and can be shaped according to the interests of current guests.


  • Pray for the children who will enter this home, Embrace staff, CPS and  Empower caseworkers 
  • Consider helping us outfit the house by gifting items from our Amazon wishlist
  • Use your time and talents to volunteer onsite (lawn mowing, meal preparation, home repairs, tutoring, just to name a few options)
  • Collin House is provided at no cost to foster care system. Help us welcome and care for more children, serve more families, and change more lives by becoming a monthly financial partner of Embrace