who we serve

Embrace proudly serves foster and adoptive families licensed with any child placing agency, at-risk children and their caregivers, kinship care providers, and foster care alumni. While our primary focus is Collin County, we serve families across North Texas (DFPS Region 3).  Check out our Parent Support Groups & More page if you want to get connected.

A majority of our clients are low-income children and families, and their caregivers. Most of our services and programs are provided at no cost, low-cost, or with the possibility of scholarship based on need. Children with disabilities or special needs are at increased risk of abuse or neglect, and represent a large portion of the children we serve. At Embrace, we’re passionate about creating a culture of inclusion, safety, and adventure for children with all levels of developmental, emotional, behavioral, and medical needs. 

Lastly, our organization exists to reflect God’s heart for vulnerable, neglected, marginalized, abused and abandoned children. We do not require attendance or participation in religious/faith activities as a condition of service delivery, nor do we require adherence to religious/faith beliefs as a condition of service.