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When you serve with your church small group you’re doing good for the community, and good for your group. Working alongside one another is a galvanizing experience, as is celebrating the collective impact your group creates. Volunteer groups of 6-12 individuals are the ideal size for many of Embrace’s events and programs. Please consider the opportunities listed on the calendar below, but we’re also open to working with you to identify specific dates or ways you’d like to serve.   

group service faq's

All volunteers age 18 years of age or older are required to have approved background checks filed with Embrace prior to serving at events where children are present. Background checks cost $17 through Sterling Volunteers and are at the volunteer’s expense. If your church can provide proof of your approved, current background check to Embrace, you may not be required to complete an additional check. Background checks are NOT required during set-up and teardown for events, serve days at Collin House, or other volunteer opportunities that do not take place when Embrace children are present.

At Embrace, we LOVE kids! Children who are independent workers are welcome to serve alongside their parents at many Embrace events. Please confirm children are permitted to serve at the event you’re considering. All children must be pre-registered, accompanied by a parent, and on-task throughout.

Yes! Leading up to virtually every event Embrace hosts volunteers are hard at work behind the scenes. Volunteers prepare registration, assemble craft kits, prepare food, create welcome posters, set up chairs & tables, load trailers, and much more. These opportunities are ideal for those who prefer to set their own schedule, volunteer alongside their own children, or who do not wish to work directly with children.

We would love that! Larger Embrace events for families and children are often broken down into smaller tasks or stations that a small group can plan and host. For example: at our annual “Santa’s Little Helper” Christmas-themed parents’ night out, small groups plan, purchase supplies for, and host crafts, cookie decorating stations, groups games and more.